Dear Brandy,

In the R&B world, you’ve always been one of the more fearless acts — never afraid to experiment with new producers, different sounds and fresh concepts. In fact, I think it was your work with Rodney Jerkins on “Never Say Never” that really put him on the map as a certified hitmaker. Songs like “U Don’t Know Me” and “Top of the World” sounded supersonic when we first heard them, but looking back, it’s pretty hard to imagine the late 90s without that spacey sound that you and Rodney helped to popularize.

Based on the singles from your new album “Two Eleven”, I feel like you’re getting back to those more experimental sounds. This new track you debuted, “Let Me Go,” is like a mash up of Jamaican rhythms, trippy hip-hop beats and a little autotune thrown in for good measure. Oddly enough, it all works. It’s very different, which makes it quintessentially you. Get ’em B-rocka!

I’m definitely looking forward to what “Two Eleven” has to offer us on October 16.