Dear Janet,

On this day 23 years ago, you released what Stevie Wonder called “the most perfect pop record ever” — “Rhythm Nation 1814”. Everything about this album — from the Parliament Funkadelic-inspired beats and socially-conscious lyrics to the groundbreaking videos and tour — is absolutely perfect. With this project, you shifted from being Michael Jackson’s kid sister to a true superstar in your own right, leaving an indelible imprint on not only fans like me, but the music industry as a whole. To this day, artists continue to (try to) mimic the militaristic choreography from “Rhythm Nation”. Whether it’s Britney jumping over chairs like you did in the “Miss You Much” video or Beyoncé’s stiff, staccato breakdown in her “Ring the Alarm” performances, I see you, Janet. We see your impact.

Now, I think it’s beyond time for you to get back in the studio and give us another classic Janet record. No lame hip hop producers, no wack health club music — just you, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and the magic.