Dear Pretentious Club Owner,

I am not a baller or a superstar, nor am I a poser. I will never pop bottles, make it rain or pay for overpriced VIP. I’m just a regular guy who occasionally patronizes your establishment and happens to love sneakers. But I’m completely let down by the fact that I can never rock my sickest pairs in your club. Why is that? It’s not like I’m about to attend some classy affair — quite the contrary. Today’s club scene is all about bumping and grinding. So why are you forcing me to wear loafers to do that? Do you think dress shoes instantly turn thugs into gentlemen? They don’t. I haven’t witnessed it personally, but I’m sure someone has torn the club up in a pair of Stacy Adams.

Sneakers have evolved, Pretentious Club Owner. Yes, the typical basketball shoe is still popular, but sleeker styles are emerging that can be used to pull together a look quite nicely. And thanks to where fashion is at the moment — that is, borrowing elements from nearly every decade — inspiration for cool sneaker-based outfits is endless.

Check out some of the suave looks below, and tell me you’d turn these dudes away.