Dear Elle Varner,

I’ve had your album, “Perfectly Imperfect,” on repeat since it dropped a few weeks ago. I’m a true R&B-head, and your album is the best thing the genre has seen in a long time. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed the “dance music/strange costume” phase music is currently going through, but it has put real R&B on life support, and people that we used to count on for good soul music have ditched us to make that wack health club music.

But not you, Elle.

You’ve crafted an album that pays homage to the awesome soul music of the past, while managing to propel R&B forward in your own distinct way. There are a few reasons why I appreciate your contribution to music:

Your talent is real.
You can actually sing, and you’ve written some great songs that, if promoted well, could easily open you up to a broader (pop) audience. “Oh, What a Night” and “Soundproof Room” come to mind. Bangers!

Your genuineness is apparent.
When I watch you, I get the sense that what I’m seeing is real. Sure, you’re all made up and you probably have a dope stylist, but much of who Elle Varner is comes out in the final product, which is awesome. You’re fly AND you’re being yourself. Women and men alike can appreciate that about you.

Your style is unique.
I love how you borrow from different genres and eras to develop your own unique sound. Who would’ve ever thought to incorporate a bluegrass sample on an R&B song like “Refill”?

Your swag is undeniable.
As far as young women go, you’ve brought class back to the music game. You’re sexy, but never dirty — always a lady. Much respect.

Now, you’ve started off strong with your first project. Don’t come back on your sophomore album with that health club music and a Halloween costume. The game needs you just as you are.